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Dr Anthony Arcuri offers effective, evidence-based psychotherapy for a range of difficulties experienced by young people. He has over 12 years’ experience working therapeutically with young people across a variety of settings.

Adolescence is a period of development that goes with a number of biological changes and transitional challenges (e.g., identity formation; developing independence; changes in family structure, peer groups, locations or schools) that can be confusing and give rise to psychological distress and, sometimes, increased interpersonal conflict (at home, school, or with peers).

These difficulties can manifest psychologically in symptoms of depression, anxiety, anger, self-harm, truancy, delinquency, risky behaviours and substance use. Performance at school or work may also suffer.

Psychological treatment can assist adolescents experiencing these difficulties by providing them a space in which to articulate and sort through their thoughts and feelings and have them understood and reflected back to them. The particular evidence-based approach to the treatment will depend on the needs and goals of the young person, and it may incorporate practical strategies (via cognitive behavioural therapy [CBT]), emotional processing (via psychodynamic therapy), and/or family work (via systemic therapy), where appropriate.

Where the therapy has been arranged by a parent, the first session would usually begin with the parent/s and young person offering their perspectives of the situation, followed by Anthony talking and planning with the young person, and then concluded with a discussion of the plans for the therapy with the parent/s. In general, parental involvement in the therapy is negotiated by all parties, with the young person’s rights to confidentiality given priority.

If you would like to learn more or to arrange an appointment, you are welcome to contact Anthony directly.

Treatment for Adolescents

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Dr Anthony Arcuri

BA PGDipPsych DPsy(CounPsy)


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32 Marlborough Street

Drummoyne NSW 2047